What is Levitra?

Levitra (also called vardenafil) is a Viagra-like prescription pill that helps men with erectile dysfunction (impotence). This is not a cure for ED, you will have to take it every time you want to have sex.
Levitra is a generic tool for Viagra, used to treat erectile dysfunction.

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The drug Levitra virtually no side effects. If they appear, it is usually mild and associated with a violation of reception. Therefore, before taking the pill - read completely how to take Levitra .

Almost everyone knows Priparate Viagra. This drug of synthetic origin was the first drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (simply said, impotence). The drug turned out to be very popular, but it has many drawbacks, mainly manifested by side effects, but since There were no analogues on the market for a long time, consumers were forced to be content with what they had.
However, the chemical industry does not stand still, and improved, stronger and less harmful drugs are being synthesized all the time. So Levitra (vardenafil) appeared on the pharmacy shelves.

Erectile dysfunction - what is it?
Erectile dysfunction implies chronic difficulties with the implementation of full sexual intercourse. It can be both about problems with erection, and about the absence of ejaculation or orgasm, as well as other phenomena that prevent to enjoy sex and satisfy the partner. However, more often patients come to the doctor with a complaint about the first variant of the disorder - when, during sexual arousal, the penis for some reason does not fill up sufficiently with blood (remains soft, does not increase in size).
Erectile dysfunction - the inability to achieve and maintain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse, one of the most common sexual disorders in men.
ED (erectile dysfunction) is largely attributed to psychological factors. However, with drugs such as Levitra, we now know that erectile dysfunction is a largely physical problem. Problems such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and just old age can cause difficulties in obtaining and maintaining an erection.
Levitra does not cure ED. You are taking Levitra before you want to have sex. For about an hour, you are more able to have an erection, and the effect softens a few hours after that. Some people report lingering positive effects afterwards, but for the most part, you will have to take Levitra every time you want to have sex.
Before the advent of drugs such as Levitra, erectile dysfunction was treated by injection directly into the penis or penile implants. With a drug like Levitra, these unpleasant and invasive treatments are no longer required. Taking only simple Levitra pills, the vast majority of men experience improved erections and successful intercourse.

Causes of poor erection
Excessive physical and mental stress, as well as domestic problems, uncertainty in life, problems at work, constant stress, emotional non-stability, all these factors can have a negative impact on a person. Ultimately, they lead to psychological reluctance and impossibility to have sex; in medical terminology, this condition is interpreted by the general expression as “weak libido”. Such a state may provoke a decrease in production of nitric oxide by the cavernous bodies. To combat this disease, there are drugs such as Levitra and other similar blockers of the enzyme phosphodiesterase type 5.
Analogs, generics
The most common generics of Levitra are: Snovitra, Zhevitra, Vilitra, Savitra. All of these drugs have one active ingredient - vardenafil. So what is the actual difference? You ask. And the difference is in price. There is a clear sequence of actions in the drug market. Scientists are developing a drug, large pharmaceutical companies buy it and patent it. Because of the patent, no one can use this trademark. In our case, this is the name Levitra. Most people, when searching and choosing drugs, use the name, not the active substance. Most often due to the fact that they are led by advertising and marketing, and the name of Levitra is well known, it is chosen much more often than a similar medicine containing the same active ingredient. For people who believe that analogs and generics are not proven or dangerous substances, I can say this: - Bayer company, the owner of the Levitra trademark, because of the patent, and the lack of competition, can put up the price that it deems necessary. For example, the price of the original Levitra in a pharmacy can reach up to 1000 rubles for 1 tablet! Whereas with analogues with the same active ingredient, you can get twenty pills for the same money. Meaning you understand. These are not analogs bad, and the large companies bend the prices.


How the drug works

In most cases, erectile dysfunction occurs due to malfunction of the pelvic vessels. At the time of sexual arousal, blood entering the penis is blocked, as a result of which the erection does not develop. It is with this problem that the modern generic Levitra is struggling.
The drug includes a substance that relaxes the musculature of the corpus cavernosum of the penis, expands its arteries and increases their capacity. Under the action of Levitra, blood can flow freely to the penis, and within 12 hours a man easily achieves an erection upon sexual arousal.

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