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Generic Levitra is the active ingredient Vardenafil, a powerful, effective remedy for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, which proved itself in clinical trials as a drug that increases the blood flow to the penis, supports erection. It is used orally, 15 minutes before the alleged intimate intimacy. In most cases, it takes effect in 20-25 minutes. The action of Levitra is very similar to other drugs that improve erection, but its effect is 10 times stronger than that of Viagra. As with other drugs, sexual arousal is necessary when taking Levitra.

Levitra: How long does it take and how long does it take 
The time it takes for a pill to work may be different for different men. In the course of the research, the pills began to act within an hour. Often men report starting work for Levitra within 30 minutes. The time of action may also vary, but as a rule, it is 4-5 hours.
When and how can I take
Levitra should be taken if necessary for 1 hour before sexual activity. But not more than 1 tablet per day. It is recommended to take a pill with a glass of water. Levitra is resistant to food, so you can take it with food, however, a large amount of fatty foods can reduce the amount of the drug in the blood, therefore, reduce the effectiveness and duration of action.

What is the secret of Levitra?
In fact, this drug has no secrets. Her principle of operation is the same as that of analogs - enhancing erection, by increasing blood circulation in the pelvic area. At the time of sexual arousal, the man will have a persistent erection, which has never been in his entire life. Important! Do not take several tablets of the drug at once, this will not increase the effect proportionally. Take enhanced dosages only if there is no effect of a small dose of vardenafil.


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